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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title="Τι είναι;" tab_id="1582540008778-057e8554-f56b"][vc_column_text]Available in Apricot & GingerCinnamon & Raisin and Banana & Mango flavours. A nutritionally balanced mea

Available in Apricot & GingerCinnamon & Raisin and Banana & Mango flavours. A nutritionally balanced meal containing 25 grams of high quality vegetarian protein to be consumed at any time.

    • Instant – Just Add Hot or Cold Water
    • Over 500 Useful Calories
    • >95g Carbohydrate
    • 25g Protein
    • 3g Fat
    • No Preservatives, Colours or Artificial Sweeteners

Our TORQ Explore instant super-charged breakfasts have been designed to provide easily accessible, useful and effective nutritional fuel in a convenient, lightweight, low volume package.

It is TORQ’s Performance Nutrition heritage that makes our Explore Breakfasts so unique and sets them apart from other outdoor food products in the marketplace. Each pack contains over 500 calories of high quality functional food to provide the energy needed to get the most out of your adventurous activities.

It’s our background in Fitness Consultancy and Performance Nutrition that makes our TORQ Explore Breakfasts so unique. Of course they are lightweight, dehydrated, low volume and very quick to prepare (you simply add hot or cold water), yet the way these breakfasts are formulated means that they are designed to give you the useful energy and nutritional support you need when pursuing energetic and adventurous activities.

It’s a common misconception that breakfasts and meals used to fuel adventure and exploration need to be incredibly high in calories at any cost! The easiest way to pack lots of calories into a small package is to make the product high in fat, because fat contains 9 calories per gram compared with just 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate and protein. However, there is a fundamental issue with doing this, because dietary fat doesn’t deliver the useful energy the human body requires under exercise stress. The truth is that most of us carry far too much fat on our bodies already and it’s just as easy for us to access these bodily stores and use the energy within as it is to burn dietary fat from our food. This makes fat in the context of a physically active person’s breakfast or meal irrelevant as a fuel source – why consume fat through your diet when you have plenty of it stored away anyway?

If you have a big expedition to the North Pole and you’re going to be away for weeks, it’s a completely different story and you will need a range of nutrients including foods that are high in fat (and the specific fat-soluble vitamins contained within) in order to achieve energy balance (calories in = calories out) and remain healthy, but this is very different to fuelling an expedition over the shorter term, like a weekend or a couple of weeks away. For these shorter trips, it’s a common misconception that you actually need to achieve energy balance – you don’t. Even the leanest of individuals have substantial fat stores, which are freely available to be burned to provide energy and there are a variety of reasons why a breakfast rich in high quality protein and carbohydrate (and low in fat) will provide significant performance/energy benefits:

Internal carbohydrate stores are limited: The human body can only store around 500g or 2,000 calories of carbohydrate and low carbohydrate stores lead to loss of muscle power and feelings of fatigue. Since fat is stored in plentiful supply within the human body, maintaining carbohydrate intake through foods rich in carbohydrate calories is logical and will deliver the best physical performances.

Fat slows the absorption of carbohydrate: As well as being an irrelevant nutrient from a fuelling perspective, dietary fat slows down the absorption of carbohydrate, because it moves so slowly through the digestive tract. This makes foods that are high in fat uncomfortable on the stomach, causing heaviness and indigestion during physical activity as well as blocking the absorption of a useful fuel the body really needs.

20-25g of protein is optimal: Consuming more than 20-25g of protein in one serving is not necessary, because the human body is only capable of processing and making constructive use of this much at a time. For optimal performance and muscle structure maintenance, you should look to consume 20-25g of protein 5 times per day. Your TORQ Explore Breakfast provides one of these servings right at the start of the day. That’s not to say you have to consume your Explore Breakfast only in the morning, it will be useful at any time.

We mentioned above that achieving energy balance wasn’t a necessity – what’s important is getting the nutrients in that are going to make a difference to your physical performance. The additional benefit of focussing on these functional nutrients above all else is that if you do happen to end up with a slightly negative energy balance (less calories in than you’re pushing out through exercise and your general metabolism) is that you will lose body fat and finish your adventure a little bit lighter – not something most people would complain about. Your performance will not suffer.

TIP: Your TORQ Explore Breakfast pouch is packaged with air inside it to help it sit upright on shelves in stores. If you want to reduce its volume, simply break the air seal with a slight tear across the tear strip at the top of the pack, expel the air and press shut the zip seal.

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